Uniflex invisible wall opening –
always the better solution

Anybody, who ever experienced a blocked-up drainpipe, a leaking pipe or the necessity of a repair while the entire wall is completely tiled or lined, will never ever forget that. There is a considerably easier system which will render breaking up or time and energy consuming dismantling unnecessary.

Uniflex, the inspection opening suitable in any situation. One model for all sizes and countless applications. The mounting is as easy as child’s play and the opening is hardly visible.

We offer a professional system for inspection openings that meets all the requirements of contemporary construction design with regard to technology and visual appearance!

At a glance your advantages:

  • Simple and clean mounting
  • Maximum weight of the covering up to 15 kg
  • Largest possible access opening up to 100 x 50 cm
  • Indestructible: all the components used for the opening are manufactured of stainless or plastic material (no galvanized sheet metal = no corrosion)
  • Safe and easy handling – as there are no movable parts (no hinges, clasps, springs, etc.)
  • No accidental destruction of the covering in the course of the maintenance work. In the course of the opening, the covering is completely removed in no time.
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